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Bio: 1.Pex pipe Introduction

PEX is commonly used for hot and cold water in homes, and for hydronic heating systems (such as radiant under-floor systems) due to its resistance to hot and cold temperatures.Pex pipe is insulated and buried in the ground to keep the water hot. When the water enters the building it is used in a heat exchanger, baseboard heating or in-floor radiant heating.
2.Pex pipe fittings size
3.Pex pipe Application:
1.Cold and hot water system for buildings
2.air-condition system and sewage treatment system.
3. Concentration heating system in the residential houses
4. Floor radiant heating system and snow melting system of airport and traffic network.
4.Pex pipe characteristics:
1. Broad temperature scope, long usage life up to 50 years. 2. Hardness and elasticity, higher inner pressure strength. 3. Higher chemical corrosion resistance and environmental stress cracking i.e. more kinds of chemical liquid can be conveyed.
4. With low surface tension, it can effectively prevent scale.
5. In conformity with potable water hygienic standard, the pipe contains non-toxic components, not being rotten and breeding bacteria
6. Having smoothness both inner and outer walls, the pipe have featured its smallest flow resistance and low noise.
7. Good bending property, easy to adjust while installation. 8. Light weight, convenient for installation and transportation
5.The transaction details of Pex pipe :
Application: water transportation ,
Original: Shandong Province , China
Certification: ISO,CE,
Payment term: T/T, LC
Delivery date: By T/T, within 25 days after receiving 30% deposit
Packing: Nylon bags with logo and brand printed
Life span :50 years Polypropylene Pipe supplier